I made a game for Ludum Dare 31

Claustrophobia is my entry for the 48-hour game programming competition Ludum Dare 31. Play it for free, right in your browser, right now.


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House of Shadows for Android

You can now play our free hide-and-sneak haunted house game, House of Shadows, on your Android device. Grab it on Google Play before it grabs you!


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Pixa out now for Android

Pixa, our glorious 8-bit lo-fi homage to the Atari 2600 is now available on Android. Get it now on Google Play.



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Doug dug.

“Doug dug.” has arrived and is already attracting thousands of players and rave reviews from around the world. Classic, challenging, hilarious fun in the spirit of Minecraft, Spelunky, and Dig Dug. You will like this game.


Grab it on the App Store or on Google Play for Android.


And look for it very soon on Windows, Mac, and Linux.



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The Next Game Cometh

Our new game is on its way. We call it Doug dug. It’s one part Spelunky, one part Minecraft, and a dash of classic Dig Dug. The result: Tasty. Very, very tasty.

Doug dug waiting for Review

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pixa User-Created Trophies

If you’ve gotten far enough in pixa, you’ve seen that you can eventually design your own trophies within the game. Tim McManamey created some inspiring trophies we wanted to share with you. Justice League fans, take note.

pixa user-made trophy 1
pixa user-made trophy 2
pixa user-made trophy 3
pixa user-made trophy 4
pixa user-made trophy 5
pixa user-made trophy 6
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The New Old Thing

pixa is an engrossing action-adventure game for iPhone and iPad. It has been lovingly crafted in a classic 8-bit style, and borrows both the elegant simplicity and the blocky graphics of classics like Haunted House, Adventure, and Pitfall. But pixa goes far beyond the classics with its beat-based combat, charming story, RPG-style level-ups, and haunting music by composer Chris Branscome.

Simple but challenging gameplay. Buttery controls. Endless adventure. If you like old-school gaming, you want this now.

Get it now from the App Store (iPhone/iPad) or Google Play (Android devices). And coming soon to Linux, Mac, and PC.



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Spooky, Sneaky Fun for Everyone!

House of Shadows shotHouse of Shadows is a spooky, sneaky haunted house game available now for iPhone and iPad.

Your little sister has wandered into an old house riddled with ghosts and ghouls. Sneak in after her, avoid the monsters, and lead her back to safety before you’re caught!

House of Shadows offers Hide-and-Sneak gameplay that will test your skill at staying out of sight. Read monsters’ movements. Duck behind corners and sink into shadows. Keeping hidden is the name of the game.

Along with the riveting gameplay comes some of the most advanced lighting on iOS devices. Torches flicker and glow in real time. Lightning casts shadows across dusty rooms. Your trusty flashlight lights up dark corners. House of Shadows is a feast for the eyes as well as the fingers.

Grab it now from the App Store (iPhone/iPad) or Google Play (Android devices).


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